St. Augustine Summer Camp

NFMA St. Augustine Summer Camp Schedule 2017

We specialize in teaching beginner students and welcome all students to attend our camps!! We will have a tiny tiger team (4-6 year olds) and ages 7 and older!


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June 12-16 American Ninja Warrior Camp I

Join us in this action-packed camp and train like a Ninja Warrior. Campers will compete on a variety of obstacle courses and fitness challenges! Have fun improving your speed and agility while flying over hurdles, crawling through tunnels, high jumps, long jumps, and ladder games, speed strikes, tug a war, wall sit, burpees and planks! Nice work grasshopper!

June 19-23 Dodgeball and Agility camp

Battle your friends and work on your agility, while playing a variety of Dodgeball challenges! Barrier Ball, Island Ball, Power Ball are just a few of our challenges! Black Belt jump rope, cones and ladders will keep you fast, agile and strong like a martial arts master!!

June 26-30 Jedi weapons Camp

yoda-172227_640May the force be with you when you handle your light saber during this camp.  Train with Master Holanchock and study the styles of Yoda and Anikin! Our Padawons will learn many combat and weapon skills of the Jedi, putting them to the test while battling their friends!  Star wars costumes, memorabilia, and movies too!!  

July 10-14 Breaking Boards & Building Bricks Camp

IMG_5024This camp pairs two of our most popular activities! Learn how to break real wooden boards with a variety of martial art skills and prepare for our end of the week Board Breaking Super Show! Also catch your breath and bring along your legos for a variety of building projects and awesome creations! This camp is for everybody!!

July 17-21 American Ninja Warrior Camp II

This was last summer’s most popular camp! In this 2nd version campers will help design the courses and we will mix it up and add different obstacles and fitness challenges! Come back and test your martial arts warrior spirit!

July 24-28 Ninja Commando Camp

peytonDuring this camp we will explore the skills of the ancient ninja! Ninjas were well trained commandos in martial art skills such as kicking, punching, ducking and jumping! Campers will also train with a variety of padded weapons such as nunchakus, bo staffs, throwing stars-shurikens and swords!